Developing know-how in a practice-oriented manner by tailor-made workshops

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Since the successful completion of clinical trials requires complex expertise, workshops are an essential pillar of clinical trials and profound quality management systems. Especially in sensitive and stringently regulated areas (e.g. for licensing processes), partial knowledge gaps can cause a tremendous time loss (e.g. delays due to insufficient knowledge of the approval process) and thus have substantial financial consequences.

Participating in seminars or workshops offers the opportunity to benefit from the technical knowledge of experts and as a result carry out clinical processes always based on the latest state of the art regarding technology or research. Practical tips on research design (e.g. how should a specific process be designed to run as quickly as possible?), study planning (e.g. which problems commonly occur frequently?) and approvals of medical devices (e.g. are there any special aspects which should be considered?) will help you to structure your processes as time and cost-efficiently as possible. Workshops also significantly contribute to success in preparation of study documents, performance of systematic literature reviews and evaluation of clinical data. For example, the ongoing gain of knowledge in these disciplines can prevent potential manipulation through misinformation (keyword: Predatory Journals) or input errors (Keyword: eCRF and study documents).

Whether in the form of subject-specific seminars on good clinical practice (GCP) or workshops for scientific performance assessment, CCMD would like to support you in your clinical study or your medical device approval. Based on the profound experience of our experts in the field of clinical trials and clinical evaluation, we can build up your knowledge in a targeted and time-efficient manner in order to prevent potential problems (e.g. inefficient timing of processes). In the course of in-house seminars, CCMD offers you the option of tailor-made, customized workshops to better meet the needs of your organization and your medical device. Practice-oriented and interactive teaching contents based on legal requirements (e.g. quiz to reinforce the teaching contents) and certificates as formal proof of participation complete our portfolio.

We offer the following workshops:

  • Workshops for investigators and clinical research associates (GCP-training, patient education and informed consent process, monitoring activities, essential documents, SOP-training)
  • Workshops  in the area of clinical evaluation, performance evaluation and biometrics