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Due to increasing regulatory requirements in the approval process of medical devices, the ongoing development of ethical principles as well as the increasing shortage of skilled employees, personnel leasing is an very important part of the medical technology industry. When developing a medical device, new requirements in the field of clinical evaluation, data documentation (eCRF), data processing (data management) and analysis (biometrics) can significantly increase time resources needed. The monitoring of clinical processes (monitoring), the reporting to authorities and commissions (reporting obligations) as well as the preparation of study documents in an appropriate scientific form (medical writing) also require an additional effort.

This additional effort can lead to peaks in workload – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with a limited number of employees or already high workloads – and thus jeopardize the proper core processes. Especially if the executing personnel is legally required to have certain qualifications for a specific process (training), this can result in an almost insurmountable challenge.

Personnel leasing is an efficient way to overcome temporary work peaks and ensure success in product development. By targeted support for standardisable processes (e.g. preparation of audits or study documents) and the implementation of legally required standards additional temporary workers can compensate resource shortage without having to relocate technical or subject-specific resources. Due to the efficient use of the expertise of each involved person (e.g. developers can continue to focus on the development of the product, while the leasing personnel takes care of the approval process) the project can be carried out cost and time-efficiently.

CCMD is a supplier of the full service range. In addition to tailor-made consulting, we can also provide the client with specially trained personnel for a certain period of time to implement all relevant processes directly on site. Continue to focus on your core competencies, while our experienced experts develop all necessary new standards.

In the field of personnel leasing our service range includes:

  • Temporary employment of experts in order to implement new standards