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Solving problems in product development and manufacturing through technical and clinical perspectives

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The legal framework and the high complexity in medical device development often render it necessary to request external technical support.

This can be important particularly when it comes to questions regarding materials. In addition to the mechanical and chemical properties of materials, their reactivity with different fluids or tissues must be taken into account when developing a medical device. Otherwise the material may lead to undesired reactions on the skin surface or inside the body (e.g. allergies or inflammations). In particular, when materials are in direct contact with the human body or even introduced into its inside (e.g. hip endoprostheses, cardiac pacemakers), it is important to consider the special properties of the materials in question (keyword: biocompatibility).

CCMD would like to support you with these special challenges. No matter if you have problems with the planning of the technical implementation of your product or the implementation itself, we would be pleased to assist you in solving them. We can help you with the development of technical solutions, the concept development of your product (such as medical device software) as well as the search for suitable development partners and manufacturing companies for your product. If necessary, we can conduct a scientific review on the material used and we assist you in evaluating it. In addition, we can arrange for our partner network to carry out a biocompatibility test of your materials.

Under consideration of all current standards, our experts will assist you in speeding up and simplifying the approval of your product. The whole team will be happy to help you with the preparation of the required technical documentation.


n the field of Technical Support our service range includes:

  • Development of technical concepts
  • Connection with development partners
  • Search for appropriate manufacturing companies
  • Development of the technical documentation